Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Apparently "It"...

My friend Mo has "tagged" me. I'm now required, according to the rules, to post "seven random facts about (my) fascinating self on (my) blog".

Okay, sure. Why not. I don't usually do things like this, but, well, it's Mo, so:

1. My first birthday was January 15, 1967, the same day as SuperBowl I. Green Bay played (and lost to) Kansas City. I was born in Green Bay. It was a big deal, apparently... (Oh, and for you Green Bay fans: my name is Brett).

I have very few compulsions. Two of them manifest as follows:

2. Before I close a locked door behind me I must look at the keys in my hand. Car, house, closet, it doesn't matter what kind. And...

3. I have a constant fear that I smell bad.

4. I'm allergic to giraffes.

5. As a young boy, I witnessed a horrific accident in which a schoolmate was rendered unrecognizable as a human.

6. My first rock concert was Guess Who at the Illinois State Fair. (I was 5.)

7. I was once asked to participate in a pornographic photo shoot. I declined. (I was 18.)

You're welcome.


Elizabeth McQuern said...

Jesus. Wow.

#1 You always smell like a well-dressed man, which is a weirder compliment than I'd like it to be.

#2 I love the giraffe thing.

#3 I am morbidly curious about the schoolmate thing. What happened? Email me. :)

Paintstain said...

"You always smell like a well-dressed man..."

Can I use that as a testimonial on my website?

Mo said...

But...you do smell.

Hee hee hee. Sorry, sometimes I act like I'm five, what can I say?

I'm with E--that giraffe business is pretty incredible. Why can't I have cooler allergies? Everybody's got hay fever. Bo-ring. But giraffes? Man... *shakes head*

Paintstain said...

"Why can't I have cooler allergies?"

I get great quotes from both of you.

Gwen said...

Just exactly how does a person REALIZE they're allergic to giraffes? Is there a test for this? Were you raised by them and stopped sneezing when rescued by Dr. Livingston?

Paintstain said...

I was in a private viewing of the giraffes at the Brookfield Zoo. Got to pet them and feed them. After about 20 minutes my face swelled and my throat closed up. I had to leave the enclosure before I stopped breathing.

hair traffic controller said...

I was gonna comment on number 7...
but I decided on 3...
You never smell bad.
oh, and
thanks a lot for tagging me too.